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Girl, Walk with ME: Unpluckable Faith & Accountability (new)

(Written by Penda L. James, 2016)

Girl, Pray For Me: Moving Toward Unpluckable Faith

Shatter excuses, overcome procrastination and confront fears while building your intentional tenacity to pursue your God given dreams.

(Written by Penda L. James)

Free To Fly: Wisdom for the Seasons in a Woman's Life

An anthology celebrating the strength of women.

(Compiled and edited by Penda L. James)


The Water Ain't Blue Enough (Claudia Mason, Author)

A fiction book that captures the issues of love, life, rejection and redemption.(Edited and Published by Penda L. James)


One woman's story of learning to stand on her faith.

(Edited and Published by Penda L. James)

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