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Penda has been writing with passion since elementary school. With two sets of grandparents who were educators and proponents of education she was challenged to read and write at an early age. Although she has yet to meet her muse, Maya Angelou, she credits “Phenomenal Woman” and Ms. Angelou’s memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings as her catalyst to writing. “Something about her (Ms. Angelou’s) words gave me permission to write. She poured water on a droopy dandelion,” James said.

Penda has a Master of Education degree in Training and Development from Bowling Green State University. At Wilberforce University she
nurtured her love to help writers as the Editor in Chief of the Mirror Newspaper. For almost 20 years she has worked with numerous types of writers including song writers, playwrights, students, professionals, pastors, novelists, autobiographers, poets and others who wanted to tell their story. My clients are Scribes, they have a responsibility to legacy.” Penda L. James as a writing coach brings passion, insight, compassion and experience to nurture the holistic expression of writers. Currently she is one of the Managing Editors for her Church’s publication, The Mount Magazine.

In 1999 the owner had an idea to publish a book about the strength of women. She asked her colleagues one question, “What does it mean to be a woman?” This opened the door for people to share about the women in their lives and what they learned from them. People opened up intimate places from their journals where they had penned poems, essays and other random thoughts and shared them freely with her. When people would tell her that they could not write, she would find creative ways to help them express their thoughts. After two years of working with authors to finish Free to Fly: Wisdom for the Seasons in a Woman’s Life, InSCRIBEd Inspiration was born.

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