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Creative, but feeling stuck?

Finished a book and need next steps?

Need accountability to finish a project? 

InSCRIBEd Inspiration specializes in helping overcomers curate their stories of resilience.  Partner with us to join a team of visionary creatives to support you, supplement your resources, and help you make an impact. We believe that Scribes record history, let us help you finish your project.


Check out our Brand Story and Mission and Vision.  Learn about your Scribe Coach, Penda L. James.


Empowering Creatives to Thrive.

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ScribeCoaching Example

ScribeCoaching Example

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"Penda was relentless, she kept me on task and she helped me have the total support I needed."

~Allison Wolf, Author

"The Other Side of Forgiveness

Unlock Your Brilliance:

We believe everyone possesses unique talents and ideas that deserve to be unleashed. Our goal is to help you tap into your full potential, unleash your creative genius, and operate at the peak of your abilities.

Execute Your Goals:

We understand that setting goals is just the beginning. Execution is key to turning your dreams into reality. Our expert team is here to guide you, offering personalized strategies and practical steps to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Inscribe Your


Your story has the power to create a lasting legacy. We are committed to helping you overcome your fear and confidently tell your story of resilence. Whether it's through groundbreaking art, transformative writing, or innovative entrepreneurship, we'll support you in leaving a meaningful impact.

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