Scribes record history.

Are you struggling to remove mental blocks and organize your thoughts? I can help you create a plan and hold you accountable as you outline your ideas, put them in writing and execute it. Complete my Scribe Profile to get started.

How Scribe Coaching can help you


I help leaders in transition get unstuck, execute their goals and inscribe their legacy.

I am Penda L. James

Author, Publisher & Your Personal Scribe Coach

Resilience Tools
#TheResilienceProject is a series of chats I am having with leaders. Gather tools for resilience or share some of your own.
Expand your Outreach
Together we can create and design courses from your existing content.
Talk Out Your Vision
I can help you get the ideas from your mind onto the paper.
Publish Your Book
Get your book in print!
Book Formatting
Get your book ready for publication with book formatting.
Publishing Resources
Editing, graphic design, branding and marketing support.
Self-paced courses with writing prompts to help you get unstuck.
Compile Your Notes
You have content for your book/project in several different places. Let's find it.
Find Your Village
Identify your Unpluckable Faith Community of supporters who will not let you fail.
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Burning Bushes Front Cover- Final
Free to Fly
Best Friend Over Eighty Front Cover- R2
Still Standing
Lessons in Mercy
Life Lessons

Check out these conversations with some of my friends. Listen in as we share tools of resilience to fortify your leadership journey. Get a Selah journal here:

I can't do the work I do without a strong village of creative supporters. Here are some of my connections here:

Your Barriers with These Writing Tips


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