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I am Penda L. James

Author, Publisher & Your Personal Scribe Coach

My daddy once told me, "People give you their full attention when they are reading. When you talk, they think about how they want to respond, what you are saying, and how they feel."  Years later, I wrote a book, but I didn't publish it right away.

My first book was stuck in the creative process for ten years.

I wanted to see my book in print, but I could not get past my

self-imposed boundaries.


Words did not flow freely, ideas were jumbled,

and I did not know the publishing process.

I started writing because of Shel Silverstein poems and Maya Angelou books. I wrote to learn from my mistakes and to understand my journey. I wrote because I believe that Scribes have a responsibility to leave a legacy. I wrote then, and I write now, to live on in history through my words.

Scribes record history.


 Let me help you create strategies to confront your barriers and finish your book.  



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  • Break writer's block (#InSCRIBEMe)

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