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My Best Friends Over Eighty

In 2019 I had the honor of assisting Joyce A. Haskins in completing her first book, "My Best Friends Over Eighty." Ms. Joyce had been working on her book for many years by the time she was introduced to me. I was honored to help her bring her vision to pass and see her gorgeous smile when she held her book.

Here is her bio:

Joyce A . Haskins hails from the great state of Kentucky. She has made an impact in the field of education as a speech pathologist and administrator. Joyce has obtained degrees of higher education from Western Kentucky University, University of Minnesota, and Harvard. This heartfelt reflection of her lifelong mentors and influencers will inspire you to reflect on the people in your life who have influenced and shaped who you are today.

"Sense the joy." Joyce A. Haskins.

We had a few obstacles to overcome:

  1. Ms. Joyce lives in Kentucky and I live in Georgia.

  2. Ms. Joyce lives with Multiple Sclerosis and it has impacted her physically.

  3. Ms. Joyce had all of her ideas recorded on cassette tapes.

How did we overcome the obstacles?

  1. We used Ms. Joyce's Unpluckable Village to help us get to our goal. When she had a family member nearby they supported our technology with Zoom, phone calls or Google Duo. They facilitated sending emails and text messages for me to make updates.

  2. Ms. Joyce has remained dedicated to positively influencing others to live a life of joy and courage. She leans on her faith and it kept all of us inspired and looking for God during the process.

  3. I borrowed a cassette player and transcribed her book.

Ms. Joyce and I worked together for about four months and I had the honor of meeting her for the first time in person on the day of her book signing!

Although this book was published book several years ago, I believe that Ms. Joyce has a timeless message that we all could use right now. My Best Friends Over Eighty tells the story of eight women who have influenced the author's life by imparting eight treasured life lessons -- wisdom, courage, Godliness, mental toughness, finding your voice, cultural appreciation, the will to fight for what's right, and a love for having fun. Here is a quote from her book cover, "To truly understand who we are today, it is essential to reflect on the people and experiences that have influenced us."

I agree wholeheartedly Ms. Joyce! I am reflecting on you and your influence - thank you for allowing InSCRIBEd Inspiration to help you tell your story.

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