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Break Through Writer's Block

Writer's block! Ughhh!

I once hit a writing wall that knocked me down. This was a different type of writer's block. The words fought each other to be written until they cemented together and formed a wall. I was writing, it just didn't feel right.

Despite the intentional planning with my mastermind groups and personal board of directors I could not write in February or March of 2017. There was societal inspiration, spiritual inspiration and lists of blog ideas accessible to me, but attempts to use that subject matter felt irrelevant.

I write to keep normalcy in my life but I was writing from a place of servitude for others instead of writing to understand who I was becoming. Losing my mother and mother in love changed me - there were days that my soul screamed from missing them. When those days became months I put my pen down. In that season I learned that I had been writing to console others and forgot to extend the same grace for myself.

Listen: Take as long of a break as you need, but as a Scribe you cannot stop writing. You have to fulfill your purpose. Here are a few ways I broke through my writer's block. Try some of these suggestions if you are stuck behind a wall.

1.) Review your "stuff":

  • Read emails and text messages: look for words or phrases that inject inspiration into you

  • Scroll through your memories on social media

  • Look at your photos on your phone and write about your experiences

  • Read something that inspires you

2.) Take a break and get restored:

  • Go to sleep

  • Pray or meditate

  • Exercise

  • Drink water

3.) Soak in your environment:

  • Write a letter or a card to someone you love

  • Turn on your favorite inspirational music

You are a writer even when you are not writing.

Just write,

Originally published 4/8/17

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