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About InSCRIBEd Inspiration

Founded in 2006 by Penda L. James, InSCRIBED Inspiration is a specialized coaching agency intended to support you in completing an unfinished creative project. We can help you conquer your goals to start a podcast, design a masterclass, develop a curriculum, or finish your book.  

We operate our business with integrity, we do not lie, cheat, or steal. We honor the diverse backgrounds of our clients. We are a faith-based company and strive to lead lives with Christian standards of love, faith, courage, and restoration.

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Mission and Vision 

Our MISSION is to help you create a plan to get unstuck, execute your goals and INSCRIBE your legacy. 

Our VISION is to support creatives as they operate in their brilliance. We exist to make it easy for people to record their personal history.

Our GOAL is to produce quality legacy projects for our clients that leave a lasting impact. 


Penda L. James

Owner - Scribe Coach

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Kelley Johnson

Assistant & Scribe Team Member


Bridgette Rooks

Brand & Web Developer 

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