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The gift for words is genuinely in Penda James’ DNA. When her beloved mother passed on, Penda discovered that she had written beautiful poetry in her youth and was considered by many to be the next Maya Angelou. While she was not previously aware of that, Penda finds great joy in guiding others through the writing process and giving them the tools that they need to fulfill their dreams. Her clients feel heard and nurtured through a journey that many wish to travel, but find it easy to delay.


As a coach, Penda holds your hand while holding you accountable. She found her calling during her college years, helping others to develop their stories. As the trust and notoriety grew for her superb coaching skills, more and more budding authors began to give Penda their writings for her expert insight. This journey led her to penning her first book, Free to Fly – Wisdom for the Seasons in a Woman’s Life. 


Meet Penda L. James

 "Scribe Coach"


A gifted Scribe Coach, Penda is highly adept at identifying and breaking through writing blocks, having dealt with them herself. She has guided several authors through the completion of published books, music, plays, articles, and academic projects. Her goal is to create a plan to “write through it” and execute it. She is the author of several inspirational books for women on goal setting, spiritual development, and faith.

A proud graduate of both Wilberforce University and Bowling Green State University, Penda developed a love of history and storytelling in college. Her education, work experience, and faith in God contribute to her mastery in helping writers reach their goals.

I believe in "unpacking the no." I have learned to be the kind of coach who listens to, and partners with the people I serve. It is not about what I want for you, but what you want for yourself that matters in how you achieve your goals. 


I can help you inscribe your legacy authentically and with confidence. 

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